Hey Beautiful People!

So this is my song of the week. Yes it is country. No I do not apologize. This song was a real gift from God. It was one of those song that I have heard many times, but has taken on new life and a new meaning for me. The song is ‘Unstoppable’ by Rascal Flatts. Honestly, the first time I listened to it this week I burst into tears, Have you ever had one of those moments where a song literally describes your life and all of your feelings in that exact moment? That is what this is for me.

For me the song represents that even if I get lost and mixed up, distracted and unfocused. I may miss a few turns along the way, take a couple of wrong ones and even walk sideways down the path, it will be okay. God’s love is unstoppable, He doesn’t stop loving me or you because we get lost mixed up and confused. This song reminds me that even when I have moments of doubt, when the wind and rain of the storm are raging around me and I can see no way to get our of it that everything will be okay. He has given me a gift and that is of prayer. No matter how tough it gets in my life or how hard it is for me to get on my knees, be vulnerable and pray I can do that, I can ‘dig down deep and do what I think is I think is impossible.’ Why? Because nothing is impossible for God. He is the light that leads me back to Him when I am far away. It is His love that gives me a second chance to do things right. It is His love for me that compels Him to come, pursue me and search for me in the wilderness of my life, my plans, thoughts dreams, worries and hopes and bring me back to His path, like the Gospel today.

Just because I feel far away from God doesn’t mean that He is far away. Sometimes it is hard for me to give up my own plans and follow Gods fully, not just because I think that if I give up my way and do what God wants that my reward will be getting what I truly want. Maybe I will never get there fully. Even so, God will never stop loving me. His love is the constant, sacrificial, all-consuming fire and unstoppable love that I desire with every fibre of my being. He doesn’t need me, I need Him.

His love is truly unstoppable. I encourage all of you who read this blog post to listen to this song. God spoke to me through it. He may want to speak to you as well.

You are Beautiful.


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